Family Counseling

When we think about what a perfect family would look like we would probably picture a place of unconditional love and acceptance. But for many that is not the case. When family is mentioned to them it is a place of tension, conflict, disappointment, anger, and guilt. We can develop unhealthy habits of how we interact with each other or how we deal with the feelings associated with the misunderstanding, criticism, and being unsupported. Eventually overtime we begin to build emotional walls as a way to protect us from the pain we experience when dealing with painful moments.

“To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there.” Barbara Bush

Family therapy is unique in that it views the whole family as the client. Family therapy operates from the understanding that each person is just a part of the whole and that if one family member is affected then it will affect the whole family. Problems are often associated with one or two members of the family, help is offered to those members, and the member improves. But over time problems reassert themselves from those family members or different ones. From a family therapy perspective, the root cause of the issues are found in the way the family interacts with each other and not the members themselves.

When taking part in family therapy, members learn how to identify conflicts, the triggers, and how those affect the family as a whole. Some of the family issues that family therapy can help with include:

— Parent relational conflict

— Behavioral problems of a child at home or school

— Teen behavioral problems

— Parenting issues

— Death of a family member

— A family members continued issues with mental health or substance abuse

— Parent separation or divorce

— Blended family issues

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